Andrew Zhu

Me, the Cook


I eat to live, not live to eat. That being said, I do appreciate fine cooking and delicious food, and I was spoiled big-time by the amazing home cooking of my mom. While I am not am nowhere near the same class of culinary skill as her, perhaps in part due to my longstanding view of cooking and/or meal prep as health and efficiency first, delicacy and taste (a distant) second, I have slowly improved my cooking skills through potlucks and dinner gatherings with friends in school. 

Herein is a collection of meals I have had a hand in making during this past year, from March 2020 – June 2021. Some of these photos are of the in-progress cooking, to show that these were indeed home cooked! Others are clearly from potlucks, so the dishes I personally made can hide among the more tasty-looking dishes made by friends!


Looking back at the meals I have helped make over the past year, I have certainly improved significantly in the cooking department. As that Chef Boyardee-like character from Ratatouille attests, “Everyone can cook!” Judging from my own experience, maybe his motto does have some truth to it.