Andrew Zhu


Clogs from Volendam. Nibbles from Sisi

Welcome to my Crafts Blog, or as I like to call it, my Clog! I coined this term not only because I have a fondness for portmanteaus; rather, a clog connotes what I want this blog to emulate. And no, I’m not making an oblique reference to atherosclerosis. Although one can find fancy, painted, well-decorated versions of klompen in any tourist shop in the Netherlands, a clog at its purest embodies utility: an unadorned wooden shoe of simple design,  relatively quick to make, easy to replace, and perfectly suitable for the everyday country farmer. 


Likewise, I intend to capture this essence of utility in my project posts, wherein I am not so much interested in showcasing the final, pretty product insomuch as I prefer the logging of the process itself. Personally, I find it most helpful  when I read articles that cover the twists and turns of the project, discussing what went right and what went wrong. Therefore, throughout these posts I will place an emphasis on sharing my perspective on what could have gone better, what lessons I learned, and how I would improve upon the project if I were to remake it, so that at the least the reader does not repeat my same mistakes!

That is not to say, however, that some of these klompen did not turn out quite nicely in the end. You be the judge!